THIS month marks Tyre Safety Month and as the winter months draw in, drivers are reminded to check their tyres.

Regular tyre checks reduce the risk of an incident while on the roads but new figures from TyreSafe show that one-in-five drivers have never checked the tread on their tyres.

This figure rises to one-in-three in young drivers.

Tyres are crucial for safe and effective braking and the charity has created an acronym – A.C.T – which can help drivers know how to perform tyre checks.

Air Pressure – You can check the correct tyre pressure on a sticker in your car door, filler cap or owner's manual.

Condition – Drivers are advised to remove stone ans other objects that are caught between the grooves on the tread. Bulges, cracks and cuts need to be checked by a professional.

Tread – A 20p coin can be used to check your tyre tread. 1.6mm is the minimum limit. Insert the 20p at several points across and around each tyre. If you can see the coin’s outer rim at any point the tyre may be illegal and you should seek advice from a professional.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: “While we campaign year-round to raise awareness of tyre safety, this October’s Tyre Safety Month campaign is particularly powerful in how is depicts the real risks and high stakes of not regularly checking your tyres.

“There really is no excuse for ignoring tyre safety - you’ll help keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe, particularly as the winter months and more challenging driving conditions approach.”