POLICE officers were called to a car meet in Wombwell over the weekend but did not issue any tickets while there.

Usually when officers are called to a meet, it is because of disruptive behaviour – but this wasn't the case on Sunday.

The team from South Yorkshire Operational Support chatted to the car enthusiasts about their cars and their passion for all things with an engine.

A spokesperson for the team said: “Now I can tell from the photo that not everyone who comes to this location is an angel but on Sunday we spent some time chatting to a group and allowing our cars to get some centre stage action for photos.

"Not a ticket was spoilt, nor a warning issued. The reason?

“Well behaved people acting sensibly and enjoying theirs and others vehicles, whilst being respectful of those who may live nearby or use the roads.

“We are clear in our approach to these issues and if people are not then we will enforce.”