A SCAM which sees fraudsters claiming to be from Amazon to get access to victims bank accounts is making the rounds.

Police in Barnsley have warned residents about the scam call which is targeting people across the borough.

A fraudster claims the victim owes money to Amazon. This is a way of tricking the victim into giving the fraudster access to or control of their computer.

PC Vicki Arrowsmith from the force’s fraud co-ordination team said: “Amazon-related scams have been circulating for some time now but from the reports we have received it appears to be a particular trend in South Yorkshire over the last couple of weeks.

“Once the fraudster has taken control of the victim’s computer, they are able to access their bank account and make applications for loans using the victim’s details.

“In some cases, the suspect has also informed the victims that they have taken control of their webcam and know their address, adding to their distress.

“It’s really important that everyone spreads the word about this scam to prevent anyone else from falling for it.

“If you think you have been a victim, please report it to Action Fraud, the national fraud reporting centre, at actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.”