PARENTS and guardians across the borough are being urged to download an app on their children's phones which could help keep them safe while out walking alone.

The HOLLIE Guard app allows users to input a route which will automatically alert your emergency contacts if you do not arrive at your destination within the time set by the user.

It also allows the user to trigger an alarm from their phone if they feel unsafe in an area or with a person. The alarm will sound, and the emergency contacts will be alerted to your location.

The app was recommended by South Yorkshire Police after the suspected murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard who was last seen in London on March 3.

Her disappearance and believed death has left many people feeling unsafe on the streets, and the force aim to help combat this issue through the use of the app.

A spokesperson for the force said: “To anyone with kids old enough to have mobile phones, download the HOLLIE Guard app for them.

“If they are waking home late or alone, they can switch it on and you can track them and if they feel unsafe they can shake their phone which will set off a high pitched alarm.

“This app can be used by anyone, not just for children.”