COUNCIL bosses want to help Barnsley residents to stay safe on the internet to support Safer Internet Day.

The day takes place today (February 9) and aims to encourage to protect themselves online from scams.

Vulnerable, and elderly adults, and children and young people are more at risk of falling prey to scammers who may make payment demands for services that are usually free.

This has been seen recently across the borough after people reported a scam which asked residents to seemingly pay for a coronavirus vaccine.

Bob Dyson, the independent chair of the Barnsley Safeguarding Boards, said: "It's important that people take the time to ensure that they are keeping themselves and their family safe online.

"There are several organisations that provide practical advice on how to stay safe on the internet.

"A few minutes spent ensuring you know what to look out for could save you or a member of your family from being the victim of a scam or a child being taken advantage of online."

Coun Margaret Bruff, cabinet spokesperson for children's services, added: "While the internet is an amazing place for children to play and learn, it's essential to keep track of what they're doing online and make sure they're safe.

"Schools often provide advice and guidance about being safe online but have conversations with your children about internet safety and what websites they are using."