A BARNSLEY College student has turned his passion for drawing into a business opportunity to promote his music.

Layton Yates is a music student at the college’s higher education campus, and has a keen eye for drawing and creating art - this coupled with his love for music led him into a new business venture, Pitz Prints.

Through the iTrust venture, which is supported by the college, the Barnsley Chronicle and the Business Village, Layton received a grant totalling £250 which allowed him to buy an automated cutting machine which allows him to reduce the lead time for his customers.

The business was created when Layton realised he was able to promote his own music by printing designs onto clothing and sending a free CD with his music on to all customers who spend over £25.

He said: “My interest in the printing industry started about two years ago and I quickly decided I wanted to create my own business.

“I’ve been employed in different industries in the past, and I was familiar with some printing equipment and I enjoyed using it.

“I was inspired by the idea of bringing something new and different to Barnsley and I have been seriously working on my business venture for about six months.

“I have recently injected more funding into my equipment and stock and I’m slowly building up a client base and focusing on promotion.”