DIFFERENT types of emergency will be given separate response times as part of a new plan proposed by firefighters in the borough - and residents can have their say.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crews presented their latest plans for keeping local people safe including proposals for an evaluation on how quickly it should respond to different types of emergency.

The team are now holding a public consultation on these plans before progression further.

Usually, firefighters aim to attend every single 999 call as quickly as possible however the service believes it was undesirable for the service not to have a set of response standards before attending.

The proposed new response time arrangements will take into account whether a person’s life is at risk, as well as the level of risk in different parts of the county based on historical incident data and other information.

Although the fire service has stressed that it will still aim to attend every single 999 call as quickly as possible.

Chris Kirby, deputy chief fire officer, said: “Adopting a more risk-based approach allows us to ensure we are placing resources in the right places at the right time to best protect the communities we serve.

“This includes the work we do around preventing fires, protecting buildings and responding to incidents when they do occur.

“We will still aim to get to each emergency as fast as we can, but having a set of response times means we can measure our performance to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to our communities with the resources we have available to us.”

The response time proposals follows an initial consultation with more than 3,000 people across the county.

The draft plan was discussed by members of the governing Fire Authority on September 14 who instructed the service to begin a further period of consultation with staff and the public.

To have your say, click the link here.