TWO volunteers helped to tidy up a war memorial to help prepare for remembrance events in the coming months.

The Brampton Gardeners, a sub-group of the Wath, West Melton, and Brampton Litter Pickers, helped to tidy the war memorial in Brampton and to plant flowers for the winter.

Don Keating and Pete Hart worked throughout the morning on Wednesday (August 26) to help clear the are, and collected five bags full of garden waste.

“We like to make sure that the memorial is well-kept because it honours the men that fought in the war, and those who didn't come back,” said Don. “We went down and cleared garden waste and planted winter flowers which will bloom in the coming months.

"We were part of the team that helped to clear up the war memorial when it fell into disrepair, so we always like to make sure it looks its best because families of the people on the memorial still live in the village today."

Don and Pete planted 180 plants in the memorial site, and will continue their litter picks as part of the litter picking groups.

“We just like making the villages look clean and tidy,” added Don. “They're lovely places and we want to make sure they stay that way.”