A POPULAR farm has gained a new arrival to provide a companion for an orphaned goat.

Millie the goat was born at Cannon Hall Farm, Cawthorne, last month but had to be reared by hand after she struggled to feed.

Due to her small size, and the fact that she had a compromised immune system, Millie has had to live in a special isolation unit, and the farmers had to bottle feed her five times-a-day.

As she has grown more confident the farmers realised that she would need a companion and brought another orphaned goat, Primrose to the farm.

Farmer Robert Nicholson said: “Millie has really captured everyone’s heart – she’s the star of our live morning broadcasts and people have really warmed to her.

“We were so worried that her and Primrose wouldn’t get on but they are absolutely firm friends.

"Having a companion is so important for them and it’s wonderful that they can stay together until they are a bit bigger.”

Once the goats are old enough to be weaned, they will eventually join the rest of the goat herd at the farm.