POLICE have warned residents to stay alert for ‘opportunist burglars’ during warmer weather.

On Wednesday, Barnsley East officers issued a warning to keep doors and windows closed and locked where possible to avoid criminals taking advantage of open homes.

PC Bev Frisby said: “Opportunist burglars will take advantage of the warm weather and look for easy opportunities to commit crime.

“It only takes a minute for an offender to climb in or reach in through an open window or door. Remember to close it and lock it.

“If you have – and I’m sure we all have – opened a window to let in some fresh air, don’t leave bags, electronic devices and keys on display and within easy reach.

“Please check that all windows and doors are closed and locked prior to settling down for the evening, especially on the ground floor.

“Please check, close and lock. Don’t make it easy for someone to take your property.”