SCHOOLS across Barnsley have launched a radio station to keep staff and students informed during the coronavirus outbreak.

Outwood Academy, Carlton and Outwood Academy, Shafton, have taken to the airways to combat boredom and support students with self-isolation.

The two schools’ ruling trust launched a radio show featuring numerous ‘DJs’ hosting their own shows and podcasts across the week to inform, educate and entertain listeners.

Stu Winder, the man behind the station, said: “I am thrilled to get Outwood Radio up and running.

“There has been such a buzz on social media from both staff and students since word got out that this was in the works and it has just made me more determined to make it a success.

“We are all in this together and I want to make sure everyone feels supported through this.”

Outwood Radio is free to listen to on the Radio King website and on iTunes.