A BARNSLEY youngster has been making her own scented soaps after hearing a local charity was struggling for cash.

Four-year-old Effie Carr, from Kestrel Road, Wilthorpe, has been crafting her very own bars to sell and raise money for Barnsley Hospice.

Effie’s dad, Brett, suggested that she donate the proceeds to the hospice after being inspired by their public appeal for funding during the coronavirus outbreak.

Brett said: “She’s always loved making things, so it’s been fantastic to see her do this.

“Someone bought her a simple soap making kit a while back, and since then I have bought her moulds and better quality ingredients.

“In the past she would have just given them to relatives or friends, but this time I said why don’t we do it for charity?”

Brett said that he had to explain to Effie how her soap was going to help others.

“She grasped what I meant, but thought we were giving soap to people without soap.

“I explained that we would give the money to the Barnsley Hospice as they are struggling for funds and it’s a great cause.

“It’s been a great success so far. We need to make some more as we have sold more than we originally made.

“So far we have made £40 for Barnsley Hospice, and we’re currently taking more orders if anyone would like some handmade soap for a worthy cause.”

To make an order or to find out more information, email effiessoap@hotmail.com or visit the Effie’s Soap Facebook page.