A FAMILY wanted to give back to hard-working NHS staff by providing them with Easter eggs to help cheer them up.

Gail Thomas, and her daughters Claire Hackett and Emma Ingram, initially decided to bake buns but eventually settled on buying 50 Easter eggs to be distributed among staff at Barnsley Hospital.

“We decided against buns because we didn’t know if they would take them for risk of the virus,” said Emma, 36, from Bradbury Street in the town centre.

“My mum suggested buying Easter eggs as everyone loves a bit of chocolate – especially when they have been working hard.”

Gail ordered 50 Easter eggs from Morrisons in the town centre but was in for a shock when she came to pay and was told the eggs were free of charge.

“We couldn’t believe it,” added Emma. ‘When we told them they were for NHS staff they said that there was no charge. It was such a nice gesture and really helped us.

We were more than prepared to pay for the chocolate but it was such a nice thing that they decided to donate it to us.

“I wish we could do more to help but we thought that cheering up the staff at the hospital would be a good way to help.”