A WORLD record-breaking Barnsley freestyle footballer is posting his flicks and tricks online to get people moving during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ash Randall, who holds 20 world records in freestyle football, has been posting videos on social media that help people learn freestyle football tricks from the comfort of their living rooms.

The daily videos, that anyone can watch online, came after Ash had to postpone future sessions for safety reasons.

Ash said: “I work with a lot of schools so I knew a lot of my work would disappear throughout this period, so I wanted to find a way to continue to teach the tricks and skills to others.

“I started filming videos of myself teaching different tricks that people can do at home and posting them on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.”

Ash has gained more than 60,000 followers in under four months on video sharing site TikTok, where he has been posting his videos.

“You can easily fall into bad habits being at home all the time, so you need these kind of things to keep you active and keep you on your feet.

“I’ve been filming most of them from my kitchen, so it’s just about keeping busy and making the most of what you have.

“The videos are about 30 seconds to a minute long and are packed full of freestyle football tricks. Just as toilet roll was a trend recently – you can use anything around the house, including toilet roll.

“I’ve done a lot of cool things, been to a lot of places and met some great people but in these tough times I’m doing what I can to continue teaching what I know in the hope to inspire youngsters at home.”

To join in with Ash at home, follow AshFreestyle on TikTok.