STAFF at Cannon Hall Farm can now keep their eye on the animals during the busy lambing season after the farm installed CCTV to provide a constant view of the new arrivals.

The cameras, dubbed ‘lamb cams’, were installed at the Cawthorne farm to help the Nicholson family have a 24-hour view of their animals during their busiest time of year.

The season will see hundreds of new arrivals at the farm and will arrive day or night.

“We had toyed with the idea of CCTV for a while but now dad is getting older that’s what swayed it for us,” said farmer Robert Nicholson.

“It might save his legs a bit because he likes to keep a careful eye on the animals.

“David and I will of course be doing all our usual checks but often the ewes give birth without needing any help for us – it will be nice to see how they go about it when we aren’t there and also a comfort to know we can check on them at any time and go to their aid more quickly if we are needed.”

The lambing season began on Saturday. Clips from the ‘lamb cam’ will be shared on Cannon Hall Farm’s social media accounts alongside any news during the lambing season.