PLANS for a Thai street food cafe at Wombwell have been submitted to Barnsley Council.

Businessman Giulio Stifanese wants to turn an empty shop into a cafe and healthy eatery at Barnsley Road.

He says he doesn’t see any problems with the scheme, which will come before councillors at the next planning committee.

Mr Stifanese, who lives in Wombwell, says the detached property has no immediate residential neighbours.

“So I don’t see an issue with making an empty shop into a nice friendly cafe where people can meet and try new experiences,” he says.

He also insists there will be no noise impact or on transport or highways and says carbon filters will control cooking odours.

The building is currently being used as storage for a prior business. “I do not foresee any undesirable impact on the sustainability of the shopping area,” said Mr Stifanese.

At this stage, he is unsure about opening hours as these will depend on passing trade.

Comments can be made about the scheme on Barnsley Council’s website.