PLANNING permission which allowed a wind turbine to be erected on green belt land for a 25-year period could be extended to 40 years under a fresh application.

Run by Four Winds Energy Co-operative, the 500kW turbine has been generating renewable electricity since 2015 from Ferrymoor Lane, which is near Cudworth, Grimethorpe and Great Houghton.

While usual structures are around 125m high to its blade tip, this one stands at just 77m after locals called for a smaller turbine, in order to reduce its visual impact, through the public consultation process.

Under the planning conditions imposed under the terms of the original application, which was approved in January 2014, the turbine would have been due to be dismantled in 2040.

According to the fresh plans now submitted to Barnsley Council, the firm is looking to expand this lifespan up to 2055.

Comments on the application can be made on the council’s website until Wednesday.