A WOMAN who was fined for aggressively asking vulnerable people for money has been jailed in lieu of payment.

Sarah Wells, 36, of no fixed abode, was arrested and charged with breaching the conditions of her Community Protection Order (CPO).

Wells was remanded into custody to appear before court last Thursday, where she pleaded guilty and she received a fine from the judge and is currently serving 29 days in prison in lieu of payment.

Wells was also issued with a criminal behaviour order which prohibits her from approaching persons unknown to her and asking for money or cigarettes in the Barnsley Public Spaces Protection Area.

The Barnsley Public Spaces Protection Area was introduced in 2016 to tackle antisocial behaviour. Those who breach the terms are issued with a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSCO), which are used to regulate activities in public places.

They give local councils and police additional powers to tackle antisocial behaviour.