A COUPLE have been fined for improperly breeding dogs without a licence.

Alex Jones, 36 and Aimee Jones, 29 of Dale Close Athersley South, pleaded guilty to not having a Dog Breeders Licence when they had bred more than 4 litters in a 12 month period at Barnsley Magistrates Court on Thursday December 13.

The couple were each received a fine of £750.00, victim surcharge of £75 and faced costs of £1444.10. Total penalty payable by each defendant is £2269.10.

Previously, a licence for dog breeding was required if more than four litters were to be bred within a twelve month period. However, a legislation change in October this year has seen this requirement reduced to three litters within the twelve months.

Coun Jim Andrews said: “This case raises awareness of the rules and regulations of breeding dogs, and the consequences you face if you fail to follow the law.

"I would ask everyone who runs a business involving animals to make yourselves aware of the relevant legislation. Animals and their welfare are important to us, if you have any animal welfare concerns, please report through barnsley.gov.uk.”