A NOTORIOUS Barnsley graffiti vandal has been jailed for 18 months for causing £90,000 of damage.

Simon Sunderland, 41, originally known as 'Fista', daubed his new 'bloodaxe' tag at locations in Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

Formerly of Dovedale, Worsbrough Bridge, but now living in Sharrow View, Sheffield, Sunderland admitted causing criminal damage.

Det Insp Mick Jackson, of British Transport Police, said: "Some people consider graffiti to be art, but in reality it's nothing more than selfish vandalism.

"It not only scars the railway environment but contributes to the fear of crime and costs operators thousands of pounds in equipment downtime as well as cleaning."

Sunderland’s criminal record for graffiti first saw him convicted in 1990. Other convictions followed in 1991, 1992 and 1996, when he was jailed for five years.