ALMOST 3,000 replacement polling cards have had to be sent out after householders were told to go to a polling station almost three miles away from their homes.

Residents across Low Valley got the cards on Wednesday, telling them to vote at the village hall in Billingley.

Sarah Norman, chief executive of Barnsley Council, said: “We have sent out replacement poll cards for the general election to around 2,700 people in the Darfield area.

“These replacement cards now show the correct polling station details.The incorrect polling station details were printed on the original poll cards following an error with printing software.

“This will not affect your ability to vote.

“You do not need to bring your poll cards to the polling station, just make sure you have your ID.

“You can give the staff inside the polling station your name and address, and they will check it against the electoral register.

“If you have any questions about where to vote, please contact our elections helpline at 773070 or email”