BARNSLEY Council is seeking additional funding after three of the town’s key ‘Levelling Up’ schemes have seen ‘significant cost increases’.

Barnsley received more than £10m in government cash last year to help fund an activity park next to the town’s forthcoming youth zone and the creation of the Northern Academy for Vocal Excellence (NAVE), which will become a permanent home for Barnsley Youth Choir.

A wellbeing hub based at YMCA, on Blucher Street, was also included in the plans.

However, a report has revealed the council will need to seek additional funding.

It said: “The funding awarded for these schemes is based on 2022 cost estimates and do not rise with inflation.

“This programme of projects has seen significant cost increases that means there is a significant risk of the scope of works not being achievable under the current amount of funding.

“The additional funding from the ‘Long Term Plan for Towns’ fund will enable the projects to be delivered in full and achieve the maximum impact.”