MEET Duncan and Malcolm – they’re looking for a new home where they can stay together.

They are both Cairn Terrier crosses and it’s thought that Duncan, who is three years old, may be nine-month-old Malcolm’s Dad.

The pair are currently at Cliffe Kennels and are two delightfully happy and playful boys who will need to stay together.

Duncan loves people and other dogs and walks well on his lead but doesn't appear to know any commands.

He’s a sweet-natured boy who is very gentle with treats and food.

Malcolm is a very playful and happy young dog who adores Duncan. He loves to play with other dogs.

Malcolm walks well on his lead if at the side of Duncan. He doesn't appear to know any commands and still mouths when excited Malcolm doesn't eat if you separate him from Duncan.

Both dogs need an active and attentive home where they can get all the attention they crave and the training they need.

If you are interested in adopting Malcolm and Duncan please contact 01226 762391 to discuss and arrange an appointment if suitable.