A LOCAL burlesque tutor is hoping to break a world record, as she gets her group involved with World Burlesque Day on April 21.

And Burlesque Be Fit UK members are hoping to ‘put Barnsley on the map’ with their record-breaking plans.

The group, based in Gawber, run weekly sessions for newcomers and beginners to learn to dance.

Tutor Eleanor Gillott said: “We got involved with the world event last year. This year we’ve invested in a full sponsorship. I’m going to co-host an online session with World Burlesque Day CEO Sapphira Sapph and Ginger Fatale from Soul on Fire in the US.

“I want to try and get as many people as I can involved and get the world record for the most attended online burlesque class.”

Eleanor is an experienced trainer, who has been promoting the health benefits of burlesque as she makes more locals aware of the style of dance.

“Burlesque can involve stripping but we’re not doing anything like that - on the day there’s no stripping, it’s just a dance class.

“The world event has been running for a few years and is just building and building, it carries on getting bigger. I decided we can jump on board and put Barnsley on the map.”