A BARNSLEY man who was caught by officers throwing Class A drugs over his garden fence has appeared before court for sentencing.

Jordan Jackson, 26, of Elm Street, Hoyland, spotted officers approaching his front door and decided to discard his stash of heroin outside.

As Jackson launched the package, officers from the Barnsley South Neighbourhood Team (NPT) were entering the rear of the property and witnessed him throwing the package over the garden fence. The act was also captured on body-worn video.

Knowing he had been caught in the act, Jackson began to cry. Following his arrest, Jackson answered no comment throughout his interview and stated he did not remember telling officers that the box contained drugs because he was ‘too emotional’.

Due to body-worn evidence and the testimony of officers in attendance, Jackson had no choice but to plead guilty at a hearing on FridayJanuary 26 at Barnsley Magistrates’ Court.

Yesterday, he appeared before Sheffield Crown Court and was sentenced to two years and four months in prison.

Sergeant David Wilks from the Barnsley South NPT said: “I hope Jackson’s sentence highlights that those who think they’re above the law and can outwit officers will be punished, but I also hope it demonstrates to our communities that we will take action.

“Although it may not feel like we act on intelligence straight away, all information shared with us enables us to build a bigger picture and understanding so we strike at the right time and have the compelling evidence we need to put forward.

“We will work with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to temporary or permanently close properties to reduce drug use and anti-social behaviour, and we have now secured a full closure order against this property, meaning no one can enter the premises, apart from the homeowner.

“This is a great result for the Hoyland community.” Police video of Jackson’s arrest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnBPLLql8I4