PENISTONE man Tom Roebuck is no stranger to TV quiz shows and after finishing second on Mastermind earlier this week he’s set his sights on his next adventure.

The 44-year-old applied to a number of TV shows in 2021 as a way to boost his CV and to make himself ‘more interesting’.

He’s already appeared on Channel Four show Countdown and, after filming BBC show Mastermind in July, his episode was aired on Tuesday.

He scored 21 points and finished as the show’s runner-up.

Tom said: “I was made a reserve for Mastermind previously but I got back in touch in March asking if I could have a guaranteed place on the show.

“I I filmed the show in July.

“My specialist subject was Meatloaf – I had to learn a lot about him so I bought his autobiography off eBay and did a lot of online research.

“I came second which I was happy about because I had no expectations.

“Everybody who watched is said they enjoyed it and asked if I was upset I didn’t win – I’m not gutted to not have won, it was really good fun.

“I just wanted to try and not embarrass myself.”

And it’s not taken Tom long to try and add to this TV exploits.

“I’ve put an application into The Chase now,” he said.

“I’m not sure if I’ll get on because it’s so competitive due to the prize money.”

Picture courtesy of the BBC