TEENAGER Alice Jepson is doing her bit to bring some festive cheer to her village.

The 16-year-old from Higham has taken it upon herself to brighten up the area.

During the pandemic, Higham Cricket Club came up with the idea of purchasing festive lighting for the village to lift residents’ spirits.

They’ve spent almost £10,000 over the last three years, but after receiving a quote from Barnsley Council who usually help with setting up the lighting, they decided to stop the scheme.

That’s why Alice has decided to take Christmas into her own hands in the area.

Her grandma, Beryl Mosley, said: “Normally at Christmas we have lots of lights on the lampposts.

“But it doesn’t look like this will happen now and my granddaughter was very upset about it.

“She said that it won’t look like Christmas in the area anymore.

“She’s made a number if four-foot-high Christmas figures to place around the village.

“I’m so proud of her.”