A LOCAL photographer has won a top industry award at the tender age of 21.

Alex Hollinworth, who runs his own commercial photography business, announced only a few weeks back that being shortlisted for the Great British Photography Award was a dream come true.

Now though, he can proudly hold ‘never-ending proof’ of his talent, after winning the best commercial product photography award at the show at The Dorchester hotel in London last Friday.

Following the night, he said: “I’m still trying to process it – I sort of couldn’t believe I’d won to be fair.

“Being shortlisted was already the best thing to happen this year.

“My category was the second to last award announced so I had to sit listening to all the other names be called out – for a couple of seconds after they said my name I sat there thinking ‘what’s going on?’

The achievement will hopefully signify continued success for the young businessman, who got to spend a night with some of the most established names in the industry.

“This is the ultimate testimonial, never-ending proof that what I make resonates with people and shows clients off in the best way possible,” Alex added.

“I’m now going to try and get shortlisted for this every year.

“But the connections I’ve made from that night will mean that the business can just snowball from here.”