A MAN of many talents has put his skills to good use at a show for Children in Need recently.

Carl Barma, known for his Facebook page Cooking With Carl, hosted the evening of food and magic with a variety of well-known special guests.

With an array of games and entertaining displays, Carl was joined by mind reader Karl Hemmingway and YouTube star Danny Malin from Rate My Takeaway.

Carl said: “The night went great, everyone loved it.

“It always feels good at the moment but I’m tired for a few days after.

“I started Cooking With Carl before the first lockdown, I didn’t have much better to do so thought I could start the show and support Children in Need.

“Back in March I decided that I’d do a show live and in-person so I have been building it from there.

“I’ve always been into magic so included some food based magic too – I’m also involved with wrestling so you could say I’m a man of many talents.”

All ticket sales went to the charity, with Carl managing to raise £653.74 in total.

The main attraction of the night though was Carl’s signature food challenge Yum or Yak, where the audience chooses one of two identical dishes for him to eat – with one hiding a disgusting surprise.

“There were three rounds and I lost all of them,” Carl added.

“One was between a milkshake and blended chicken liver, and then I had to do a shot of malt vinegar and inspired by Doctor Who the last one was fish fingers and custard.

“It got everyone laughing though, so that’s good.”