SPIRALLING amounts of fly-tipping and litter a stone’s throw from Barnsley town centre’s multi-million pound Glass Works is becoming a public health hazard, according to fed-up locals.

Statistically Kingstone and Central wards are the worst-affected for fly-tipping, accounting for a fifth of the borough’s 4,000 annual cases.

Junction Street, St George’s Road, Osborne Street, Evelyn Terrace and Castle Street – all of which are just minutes away from the new-look town centre – have been identified as worst-hit spots.

Resident Steve Bullock said: “On average a minimum of ten to 15 incidents a week are reported here.

“Barnsley Council are quick to react after an incident has been reported by removing the fly-tipped waste – I cannot fault them.

“However a more proactive approach is now required in seeking out the perpetrators by investigating and prosecuting if possible.

“Fly-tipped waste does not look good and attracts vermin – and devalues properties.

“It is worse than ever – these problems are being crated by a small minority of people and will potentially lead to a public health issue.”

* Fly-tipping can be reported online at barnsley.gov.uk/everybodythink and information on known offenders can be shared confidentially by emailing safer@barnsley.gov.uk for the council’s enforcement team to investigate.