THE National Coal Mining Museum are asking for local people’s memories of the 1984/85 miners’ strike ahead of a planned year-long exhibition.

Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the strike, with the museum planning the exhibition to focus on the memories and stories of those who lived through it.

With an emphasis on the experiences of individuals, the museum is asking members of the public across the country to contribute their own memories and stories from the miners’ strike.

The call out is to anyone who experienced the strike at the time, whether this is as a mineworker, relative of a miner or someone who lived within the mining communities during 1984/85.

Anne Bradley, curator at the museum, said: “We want to look at the strike in its broadest context and that includes the stories of those who went back to work early and those who chose not to strike, but we do not have the objects to support this.

“By contributing memories, members of the public have the chance to have their say while also committing their own story to the permanent collection for future generations to learn from.”

A form has been set-up on the museum’s website allowing members of the public to submit their memories in the form of text, photographs, video or audio.

To express interest in being interviewed or donating an object to the collection, emails can be sent to