A music show which began online in the midst of the pandemic hosted its second festival at the Birdwell Venue last weekend.

Sunday’s Big Day Out V2.0 saw a jam-packed day full of both local and national musical talent.

Organised by Scott and Amanda Doonican, of The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, the festival began life as the online Big Neet In.

Scott said: “It was an idea during lockdown for us to do weekly shows online.

“It started off pretty rudimentary but escalated – we ended up with big three-hour shows with a bunch of different guests.”

As lockdown restrictions were lifted, the couple hosted the first The Big Day Out festival last year, which featured all the bands who’d previously shown up online.

After its success another was organised, with some returning faces and some completely new.

Scott added: “It was cracking, a really good day with a great atmosphere.

“We had such a great team of volunteers supporting us, if it wasn’t for them we couldn’t have done it.

“We’re toying with the idea of doing another.”