THE former Wilko store in Wombwell is set to reopen as a Poundland shop in the coming weeks.

The discount chain is aiming to open on High Street on Saturday, November 4.

It plans to close its existing store and move into the ‘much larger’ premises next door, a spokesperson said.

The town’s three Wilko stores, based in Wombwell, the town centre and Cortonwood, have now all officially closed their doors.

It is not yet known if there are plans to take other the latter two.

Coun James Higginbottom, who represents the Wombwell area, said he and his colleagues are hoping to keep the High Street a ‘welcoming space’ for shoppers.

He added: “It is welcome to hear that things are progressing well with Poundland moving in to the old Wilko premises, which will reduce the impact of the closure on the wider High Street.

“As local councillors we are committed to strengthening the local economy in Wombwell, ensuring it remains a welcoming space for shoppers, retailers and visitors to enjoy.”