BIRDWELL Primary School has been nominated as School of the Year in this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards after improving their Ofsted grade.

The school on Hay Green Lane was rated ‘good’ by Ofsted in their latest inspection and has been working hard to face the issues that had them see declining outcomes in previous years.

Over the past two years they have managed to make the school better than ever, with outcomes far above national averages and an ethos of empowering students to achieve their best and develop professional skills.

Steve Honeyman, the head of school, said: “This nomination came as quite the surprise – it’s not fully sunk in.

“There’s been a dedication from all the staff who have been putting in the hard work to improve our school.

“We’re promoting a culture of high-class education, but we’re also looking at how to help shape children for the 21st century.

“This is about going beyond the curriculum and looking at the experiences our pupils have.

“I think this nomination means a lot to the staff and the community around our school as a whole.”

The school was nominated by Tom Banham, chief executive of Hoyland Common Academy Trust.

In his nomination, Tom said: “Birdwell Primary School has embarked on an inspiring journey of transformation.

“They have a shared ethos of valuing, supporting, and respecting every individual.

“Teachers have enhanced their teaching and learning approach to establish high expectations, ensuring consistent, top-quality education across all subjects through an engaging, broad, and balanced curriculum.

“I look forward to seeing them continuing their journey of empowering students to surpass their potential, making the community of Birdwell and Barnsley proud.”