A RETIRED nurse and her daughter took a leap of faith last weekend as they abseiled down a cathedral for charity.

Louise Smith, 55, and Beth Smith, 24, took part in the daring activity on Saturday at Wakefield Cathedral, in support of the ongoing ‘Raise the Roof’ fund which is helping to fix St John’s Church roof in Staincross as it has been suffering from leaks.

“I just woke up Thursday, read about the abseil and though it would be a great way to raise money and do something neither one of us had done before,” Louise added.

“I text my daughter and asked if she wanted to do it and before we knew it we were at the top of the cathedral tower, waiting.”

Over only a few days the mother-daughter duo managed to raise £500 for the church fund, and gathered other St John’s churchgoers to come and support them.

Louise added: “It ended up going very well – even though I was the last person to go down.

“You’ve got to put your trust in a trainer you’ve only just met and just take the step off.

“Though the worst part was getting up the stairs – I thought I would need some oxygen when I got to the top.”