LOCALS are mining the history of Kexborough for an upcoming exhibition to show young people how life was for previous generations.

Set to be hosted at Kexborough Primary School on September 9 from 10.30am to 12.30pm, the event is being organised in conjunction with the Kexborough Local History Group who have been dedicated to preserving the stories of the town.

Former mayor of Barnsley Linda Burgess has helped organise the exhibition.

“We’re really trying to encourage people to come and explore the history of the area and share their own ideas,” she said.

“It was triggered by young people – we were telling them about mining in the area and someone asked what a colliery was.

“We realised we need to explain something about the history of this place and how important mining was.”

Linda and the other event organisers are asking for anyone who can to come visit and share their own memories – allowing anyone who has lived in Kexborough to enhance the experience with their own personal tales.

“We’ve got displays with photos of the area throughout the years and a collection of old household objects,” she added.