A BARNSLEY woman who wanted to travel the length of the UK to raise money for charity has now completed her journey.

Rhiannon Rees who was diagnosed with autism in her 50s coincided her trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats with World Autism Acceptance Week and raised funds for the Barnsley branch of Action for Autism.

She said: “On April 2 I nervously departed from Barnsley Interchange to arrive in Penzance at around 6.30pm.

“The journey was smooth and my arrival in Penzance was good from all accounts I brought the dry weather with me.

“I spent time in Penzance enjoying Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday with the local church.

“I made my way to Land’s End to get the evidence form stamped and the dutiful Land’s End photo at the pole.

“After a long week I began to make my way north heading for John O’Groats.”

As well as having autism, she also suffers from Meniere’s diseasem a condition which can cause sudden feelings associated with vertigo and tinnitus.

Two years ago she sustained a stroke, and walks with an aid, so the long-distance journey was done with the help of public transport.

Rhiannon travelled up using National Express and trains, and stopped off in Exeter, Leicester, Lincoln and Darlington.

“Sadly at Darlington, after speaking to 111, it was clear that I was too ill with a heavy chest infection to continue my trip,” she added.

“All was not lost as I spent the last week recuperating booking the second attempt.

“My next challenge will be negotiating London between Paddington and Euston station along with my easy walker.

“This will take place towards the end of summer and I will be asking people to stamp the evidence form to say they have seen me on my journey.

“I am naturally a quieter person and don’t need a lot of social chat I find it very hard so I was lucky that I didn’t have to chat much to people.

“I’m still coughing away and have poorly moments but I’m very much looking forward to my second attempt and to make it to both ends in one continuous journey.”