BARNSLEY’S MPs paid their respects last weekend by laying a wreath to commemorate two miners who died on the picket line.

Joe Green and Davy Jones both died during the 1984/85 miners’ strike.

An annual memorial lecture in Barnsley, set up by the National Union of Mineworkers, was held last Saturday.

Both Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central, and Stephanie Peacock, MP for Barnsley East, attended to pay their respects.

Dan said: “I’m always proud to attend the National Union of Mineworkers annual memorial lecture in Barnsley and lay a wreath to commemorate Davy Jones and Joe Green two Yorkshire miners who died on the picket line during the strike.

“It’s also a poignant moment to remember all those miners who died underground or as a result of industrial injury, and that it wasn’t just coal that came out of coal mines.”

Stephanie added: “It was an honour to attend the annual memorial lecture and to lay a wreath at the National Union of Mineworkers in Barnsley.”