BARNSLEY police officers made 24 arrests yesterday in their largest day of action ever.

Officers from across the force were in the town with 178 officers and staff tackling issues including domestic violence, child exploitation and neighbourhood crime.

The 24 arrests were made throughout the day, including for theft from a motor vehicle, burglary, money laundering, robbery, affray and failing to attend court.

Other enforcement actions included: weapons including knives being recovered from a warrant on a property in the town centre; nine people who had failed to appear before a court being located and re-arrested; three closure notices being issued on properties that cause persistent issues through offences relating to drugs and anti-social behaviour; five cars seized for having no insurance and two £400 fixed penalty notices being issued for fly-tipping.

Key partner agencies were also involved such as Barnsley Council under the #JoiningForces initiative, Berneslai Homes, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Department for Work and Pensions, Probation Service and tenancy enforcement teams.

Officers also attended Barnsley Metrodome to speak to young women involved in an event to mark International Women’s Day.

The days of action bolster existing district resources with specialist teams from across the force. They are designed to create a day of heightened activity and enhance the work already underway to address concerns raised by local residents.

Officers from the Roads Policing Group, dog handlers and other specialist teams supported the day. They joined Barnsley’s Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs), response units, domestic violence team, missing people’s team and other officers and staff taking part.

Yesterday, during the day of action, officers along with the partner agencies also:

• engaged with more than 1,800 members of our communities

• visited 34 retail premises to find out what we can do to help them protect their business with positive feedback received

• visited 18 addresses to discuss issues with vulnerable residents

• visited five vulnerable victims believed to be at risk of organised crime exploitation

• held pop-up police stations across the district to discuss issues that matter to residents that help form policing priorities

• helped deliver a winter warmer pack to a vulnerable resident

Speaking about the day of action, Chief Superintendent Wanless said: “The staff and officers serving the Barnsley district work tirelessly to disrupt criminality, protect the vulnerable and make this a safer and nicer place to work, live and visit.

“Yesterday was the largest day of action we have put together of this nature, and it was fantastic to see units from the rest of the force as well as the partner agencies we work so well alongside come together to deliver the most arrests we have made on such a day.

“The focus was quite multi-faceted. We did a lot of work with our partners and community teams to reassure communities and get out there to be a visible presence so they could see us and ask us questions. We also wanted to reassure them about the activities that were taking place.

“It’s three-fold in terms of objectives: one is to reassure communities; the second is to make sure organised crime gangs (OCGs) know they can’t get a foothold in our district; t third is to make sure anyone outstanding as wanted knows they won’t be welcome in Barnsley and we will take action to get them into custody.”

To report an issue that is a concern to you, visit the force’s website and use the ‘what’s happening in your area?’ search tool to find out what local NPT serves your area and how to contact them.