A HOME renovation series is looking for Barnsley householders to take part.
Producers at Channel 4’s prime-time Worst House on The Street want to hear from anyone who is about to begin a home renovation project.
A spokesman for the show said: "On the show, we follow the renovation journeys of families, couples or friends from all over the UK, who have recently bought a 'Fixer Upper'. Those that take part, receive professional help and advice from our property experts, Stuart and Scarlette Douglas on the best way to renovate, style and add value to the home that they are doing up.
"At this stage in the process of making our programme, we are looking for participants that have either just purchased their home (or are close to completing) and about to begin their renovation process, which must be completed within our filming timeframe of March 2023 to May/June 2023."
Anyone who wishes to apply can either email us at propertyrenovation@southshore.uk or apply via our online application below: https://eu.castitreach.com/ag/southshore/propertyrenovations2/welcome.html