BUSINESS owners who flout waste removal regulations will be fined if any wrongdoing is found, according to Barnsley Council.

Officers from an agency - District Enforcement - are working with the local authority following a wise in cases, it was confirmed this week.

Coun Carline Makinson, cabinet spokesperson for public health and communities, said: "They will proactively engage with businesses to educate them on their responsibilities.

"Many businesses in Barnsley are following regulations and taking time to purchase services to dispose of their waste correctly, however we are seeing some that are not.

"Some businesses have told our officers that they take their waste home and burn it. "Business waste can be toxic, which is dangerous for residents who have health issues and it also causes an increase in the number of reports of smoke we receive.

"In addition, if business waste is disposed of in the drains, it could lead to blockages and environmental pollution. "It is essential that our local businesses take responsibility for their waste and dispose of it in a matter that doesn't harm others."