BARNSLEY Hospital bosses are encouraging residents to follow safety precautions on Bonfire Night.

It’s hoped the precautions will reduce the need for people to seek medical attention or dial 999.

Tips include never using petrol, never returning to fireworks once they’re lit and not drinking alcohol around the site.

If the worst does happen, a spokesperson added: “Giving the proper first aid immediately after a burn or scald can greatly improve a person’s recovery time and limit the severity of any scarring.

“People can help someone recover from a burn injury by remembering to ‘Cool, Call, and Cover’.

“For 20 minutes, run cold tap water over the burn and remove all clothing and jewellery (unless it is melted or firmly struck to the wound).

“Call for assistance - for initial burn treatment advice, call NHS 111 or your local GP.

“In an emergency, dial 911.

“Cover the burn with cling film or a non-fluffy, sterile dressing or cloth.

“Ensure that the patient is kept warm.”