BARNSLEY’S youngsters will be given financial incentives to quit smoking in a joint scheme with the college and council.

The scheme will run until early next year and aims to support students at Barnsley College who are currently smoking to stop at targeted college sites.

Students could receive £35 in gift cards if they quit for 12 weeks.

This will be reviewed by carbon monoxide monitoring which is already offered weekly to youngsters by the college’s smoking advisors.

Coun Caroline Makinson, cabinet spokesperson for public health and communities, said: “In Barnsley, we want everyone to have the best possible chance of enjoying life in good health.

“Studies have shown that using financial incentives is an effective way to help people quit and stay quit, even after the incentives end.

“I am therefore excited to see this pilot scheme set up in partnership with Barnsley College, and I hope it will help young people go smoke-free from an early age.”