A PEACE Games event was held at Barnsley College to raise awareness of the war in Ukraine.

Students from Trinity Academy St Edwards visited the college to team up with level three sports students.

Charlie Gill, who took part in the games and is a student at the college, said: “I think it’s a massive thing, raising awareness for children to know what’s going on around the world.

“It introduces key elements that they need to understand like peace and co-operation a lot of these games that we’re doing today involve values like teamwork, to teach children that we don’t need wars like this to happen in future.”

Ellie Gordon, assistant student liaison officer at the school, added: “It’s good for our students to come and experience things from a different point of view, so not just us teachers teaching them, but doing something a bit different.

“They also get to see things from a different angle, in the sense that they might be the same as these college students teaching them in a few years to come.”