A BARNSLEY nurse has been awarded a prestigious title for her commitment to patient care across the borough.

Andrea Parkin, head of nursing and allied health professionals at the Barnsley Healthcare Federation, has been awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse.

It’s given by The Queen’s Nursing Institute – and only 25 nurses in South Yorkshire hold the title.

She said: “As a nurse leader, I’m really keen to celebrate all the great work happening day in day out, as well as develop our current nursing workforce.

“The roles and skills of nurses in primary care have really expanded they never were ‘just a nurse’ and I want to make sure we keep raising their profile, so people can see all the things they have to offer and the difference they make.”

James Barker, chief executive at the Barnsley Healthcare Federation, added: “We are delighted that Andrea has received this well-deserved recognition.

“Andrea has implemented many positive changes to the delivery of healthcare in Barnsley and played a key part in our successful rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine service.

“As a Queen’s Nurse, Andrea will benefit from support, sharing and learning that will have a positive knock-on effect for those accessing healthcare in Barnsley.”