BARNSLEY parents supervising their children in the car whilst helping them to drive could be fined following the introduction of new laws.

Updated government guidance on using a mobile phone now means you cannot have a device in your hand whilst driving - and this law also applies to people who are supervising a learner driver.

Peter Brabin, head of training at Bill Plant Driving School, said: “Lots of learners do opt to practice with family and friends, outside of their lessons with instructors, to keep the skills they learn sharp. “Anyone supervising must be over the age of 21, have held a licence for over three years and be licensed to drive the type of vehicle the learner is driving.

“However, you can’t supervise learners on the motorway, or use a mobile phone.

“And it’s really the mobile phone part that parents and other supervisors should pay the most attention to, as a simple mistake can land you with a £200 fine.

“Whilst it was already illegal to make a call or text, you now cannot use your phone for any reason in the car.

“For people supervising learner drivers, as well as those driving, this means that even checking the time, using the sat nav, changing music or viewing a notification is now banned.

“To supervise a learner, you must keep your phone in your pocket, in your bag, or on a hands-free device such as a dashboard mount, but not blocking your view of the road.

“If you break this law whilst supervising a learner, you will be liable for six penalty points and a £200 fine.”