POLICE held a pop-up station at a prominent begging location this week to offer advice to those in need.

Barnsley North Neighbourhood Policing Team were outside Asda on Old Mill Lane on Tuesday – one of the places officers have seen an increase in people begging.

A spokesperson added: “We have been discussing the issue with the local community and staff and handing out our information leaflet, which highlights several local charities, projects and food banks to help people who need support.

“Asda are big supporters of a number of the projects and give to local foodbanks.

“Whilst begging is a criminal offence, we recognise that some people are in need of support and will point people in the right direction.

“The majority of people begging are not homeless and know where these support services are and how to access them.

“Giving money often supports a chaotic life style and aids criminal activity.

“Please think carefully before giving to people begging and consider where your money and food may end up.

“It might be better to give to local charities and projects instead.”