FIREFIGHTERS from across the borough were called to four deliberate blazes last night.

A crew from Cudworth station were called to Royston.

When they arrived on Midland Road, at 8.05pm, the crew fire a bin that had been deliberately set alight.

They left the scene at 8.30pm after putting out the blaze.

A fire crew from Barnsley station were called to Lundwood.

When they arrived on Pontefract Road, at 8.20pm, they extinguished a rubbish fire.

They left the scene at 8.35pm and deemed the blaze was started deliberately.

Firefighters from Barnsley station were called to a car fire in Dodworth.

When they arrived on Castle Close, at 10.35pm, the crew put out the deliberate blaze.

They then left the scene at 11.25pm.

The crew from Cudworth station then attended a deliberate motorbike fire.

Upon arrival on Crown Avenue in Cudworth, at 10.50pm, they extinguished the blaze.

They then came away at 11.25pm.