EIGHT new Barnsley Council neighbourhood wardens are now in place to deter antisocial behaviour and low-level criminality across the borough.

A further six wardens will be employed in the coming months and they’ll work with South Yorkshire Police, businesses, service agencies and the voluntary sector as a ‘reassuring presence’.

They will be based in the police’s neighbourhood stations and have enforcement powers on littering, fly-tipping and public space protection orders.

Coun Jenny Platts, cabinet spokesperson for communities, said: “After the success of our town centre wardens, we’re very pleased to welcome our neighbourhood wardens who will support us to continue our work to make Barnsley a safe place.

“Working with partners including South Yorkshire Police, we are committed to tackle issues raised by our communities and deliver the best possible solutions.

“Our wardens are there to help in the community, so do stop and speak to them.”