PASSWORDS are the topic of conversation after it was revealed that a whopping 23 million people used 123456 as a password.

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre carried out research which found the most popular passwords.

Topping the charts is Blink182 – which was the most-used music-related password and Liverpool FC was the top football-related password with the most breaches.

While it may be easier to pick a more popular password, it can make your accounts easy to hack into.

South Yorkshire Police want to prevent residents from falling victim to hackers and have created tips to help you, and your accounts, stay safe.

  • Create memorable passwords by using three random words and a number, for example: HatRedSand7!

  • Save your passwords in your browser which can help you not to lose access to your accounts

  • Make sure your email account password is strong. If a hacker gains access to your emails, then they can change all the passwords to other sites which can prevent you from accessing them.